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I. Meteorology science and technology zone

1.Meteorology devices used for roads and railways; preciseness for weather forecast; meteorology big data processing; meteorology overall solution; ground meteorology monitoring device and automatic meteorology station system; high-altitude precise meteorology detection, sun exposure measuring system, microwave radiometer, anti-defrosting technology, anti-defrosting system products, evaporation measuring system; visibility measuring meter, aerosol measuring meter, sensor (temperature, moisture and wind power); data collection and analysis system; meteorology test (detection) vehicle, data transmission system, data visibility system; high-latitude meteorological test equipment, meteorological radar, meteorological satellite atomic clock; remote telemetering, meteorological devices for airport port, meteorological shelter, extreme weather (disaster) pre-warning system; big screen display system; meteorological disaster early warning and monitoring release system; early warning and broadcasting system; meteorological early warning display terminal: medium and long-term forecast technology; model-building and simulation technology, meteorological service software; instrument and devices related with meteorology; artificial devices that affect weather operation;

2. Monitoring devices for maritime meteorology; atmospheric monitoring device for tide, ocean and ocean current; ocean and storm tide forecast; tsunami monitoring and early warning etc;

3. Development of meteorological science popularization: books, products and TV programs on science popularization, results concerning construction of meteorological modernization in different regions, etc;

4. Meteorological prevention and reduction devices. 


II. Meteorology information building zone

Visually display devices: DLP split joint, LCD split joint, PDP split joint, LED display screen, 3D display screen, system integration tiled display wall; big-size liquid crystal, LCOS high definition, plasma flat-panel TV, project projection, short-throw projection, laser projection, LED projection, mixed light source/new light source projection, projection screen, electronic whiteboard, smart interactive system, audio and visual communication device, audio and visual meeting devices, multimedia meeting room, matrix switch, joint controller, signal collection/transmission, transverter, connector center control system, video session and terminal, recorded broadcast and loudspeaker box amplified sound, etc; 

※ Information technology and devices: meteorology risk management, model building and simulation technology of guidance information system, big data control and information disposal system, live-action remote monitor system, information safety, cloud computation, high-performance computation; GIS application; smart meteorology product, application of meteorology internet of things, meteorological information technology, storage equipment, meteorological futures, application plans related with all fields of meteorological information services, new media application, development and application of meteorology-related Apps.