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Charge of Booth:




Shell scheme

3m ╳ 3m

5,000 US Dollars/per

Shell scheme

3m ╳ 6m

9,000 US Dollars/per

Raw Space

MOQ is 36 m2

500 US Dollars/m2

█Description of Booth:
A shell scheme includes: fascia board written in Chinese and English, two illumination lamps, white wall (The height is 250cm with accessible height of 246cm), a round table, two chairs, a power socket compatible with 400W/220V and carpet;
Exhibitor who order raw space should pay the expense required in booth construction.

Advertisement in show-guide:


Inside Front Cover

Inside Back Cover

Back cover

Title page

Color Inside page

Text brief

50,000 CNY

30,000 CNY

20,000 CNY

28,000 CNY

18,000 CNY

15,000 CNY

3,000 CNY

Note: catalogue layout specifications ( 210 mm╳ 285 mm), imports of coated paper, four-color utility precision printing, page content shall be designed by the exhibitors.


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