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Vaisala launches C-band weather radar to boost early detection capabilities


Vaisala launches C-band weather radar to boost early detection capabilities


Weather and environmental measurement specialist Vaisala has launched its new C-band Weather Radar WRS300, designed to provide extended coverage for high-performance weather surveillance and smart early-warning systems.

Combined with Vaisala’s data processing systems, the new solid-state C-band weather radar delivers high-resolution weather forecasting information that differentiates between snow, hail, sleet, graupel and rain.

As a standalone solution, the C-band radar provides coverage for large areas but this is further enhanced when paired with the company’s X-band radar for short-range coverage. Together, the systems provide decision-makers with the one of the most comprehensive intelligence packages in the industry.

Vaisala’s newest C-band radar provides the following benefits:

  • Integrated, compact structure – solid-state technology, combined with a built-in transmitter, ensures the highest performance.
  • Patented, high-resolution intelligence in all conditions – the field-proven radar is robust enough to work consistently at high altitudes and during icing, dust, or wind events and power outages.
  • Comprehensive information – the solid-state C-band radar delivers coverage of large areas, while Vaisala’s X-band radar provides unmatched short-range coverage.
  • Decreased maintenance and low lifetime costs – remote operation and automatic and continuous calibration reduce the need for site visits and minimize labor costs.
  • Maximum longevity – solid-state technology supports continuous operations with a superior lifespan compared to traditional magnetron and klystron vacuum tubes that last a fraction of that time.

Paul Melin, vice president products and technologies, weather and environment, Vaisala, said, “Weather measurement is Vaisala’s foundation. With over 85 years in the industry, millions of forecasts worldwide count on our expertise for reliable and timely intelligence. Solid-state technology has been around for decades throughout many industries. Its cutting-edge use in our newest C-band radar demonstrates our commitment to innovation to ensure our suite of weather detection offerings provide decision-makers with the most accurate information to reduce the impact of severe weather on vulnerable communities.”