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Exhibitor--Fairmount Weather Systems


Fairmount Weather Systems “ Intellisense®” is the de-facto replacement  for Mercury based  hygrometers, soil thermometers and barometers with hundreds of systems sold into 25 countries worldwide since its introduction in 2016 . Designed to meet the requirements of the WMO CIMO guide and the need for Member countries to phase-out of mercury based instruments by 2020, Intellisense® exceeds mercury thermometer accuracy and is supplied with traceable certificates. Expansion via CANBUS allows Soil Temperature and Rainfall sensors to be added. Our latest additions include GPRS Telemetry, barometric pressure and our Xyrix® Graphical user interface while current development is on EMC/RFI Certification.


Fairmount Weather Systems公司的“Intellisense®”,是以汞为基础的湿度计、土壤温度计和气压计的实际替代品,自2016年推出以来,该公司的数百套系统已销往全球25个国家。Intellisense®的设计旨在满足WMO CIMO指南的要求,并满足成员国到2020年逐步淘汰汞基仪器的需要。Intellisense®的测量精度超过了汞温度计的精度,并提供可追溯的证书。通过CANBUS的扩展,可以添加土壤温度和降雨传感器。我们最新的产品增加了包括GPRS遥测,气压和我们的Xyrix®图形用户界面,而当前的开发正在获得EMC/RFI的认证。