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REMTECH is a company with offices in France and the U.S.A. which manufactures and maintains the REMTECH DOPPLER SODAR(s) and the RASS (Radio Acoustic Sounding System).
Our phased array Doppler Sodars continuously and reliably measure wind speed and direction, vertical motions, turbulence, thermal structure, and mixing depth at heights up to 400, 700 or 3,000 meters average range (40dBA ambient noise, 15°C, 70% H) depending on the system).
Briefly, this measurement is accomplished by emitting a strong acoustic pulse in the audio band and detecting the Doppler frequency shift of the received backscattered echo. This backscattered echo signal is due to thermal turbulence in the atmosphere. The signal frequency shift (Doppler shift) and its relative strength are processed in various ways to produce far more information than previously available through conventional methods such as instrumented towers, tethersondes, etc. Not only are our Sodars wind profilers but they also produce various turbulence and stability parameters.
All three dimensional REMTECH monostatic Doppler Sodar systems basically consist of one sole antenna (phased array type) and an electronic case. In the electronic case are the computer, transceiver, and power amplifier. The electronic case is fixed underneath the antenna. It is low power, large temperature range and includes additional sensors (2 D inclinometer , P, T, H) as well as GPS and WiFi. WiFi connection allows full control of the system on site at up to 100 meters distance from the system using a small notebook. For remote operation, Wireless modem and/or satellite terminal are available.

REMTECH是一家制造和维护多普勒声雷达和无线电声波探测系统(RASS)的公司,在法国和美国设有办事处。我们的相控阵多普勒声雷达可连续可靠地测量风速和风向、垂直运动、湍流、热结构和混合深度,根据系统的不同,测量高度的平均范围可达400、700或3000米简单地说,这种测量是通过在音频波段发射强声脉冲和检测接收到的后向散射回波的多普勒频移来实现的。这种背散射回波信号是由于大气中的热湍流引起的。信号频移(多普勒频移)及其相对强度的处理方法多种多样,产生的信息远远超过以往传统的方法,如仪器塔,tethersondes等。我们的声雷达不及能测量风廓线,还能产生各种湍流和稳定参数。所有的三维REMTECH单站多普勒声雷达系统基本上由一个天线(相控阵型)和一个电子外壳组成。在电子盒中有计算机、收发机和功率放大器。电子盒固定在天线下面。它低功耗,温度范围,包括额外的传感器(二维倾斜仪,P, T, H),以及GPS和WiFi。WiFi连接允许使用一个小笔记本电脑在距离系统100米的地方对系统进行完全控制。对于远程操作,可以使用无线调制解调器和/或卫星终端。