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Exhibitor--Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace AS - Spacetec


Space & Surveillance's Space Ground Systems-products range from data acquisition to surveillance, and it provide worldwide delivery and support.

With its highly skilled staff and management working in accordance with quality routines, fulfilling the ECSS (European Cooperation for Space Standardisation) software engineering standards, Space & Surveillance can proudly claim to supply well proven and innovative state-of-the-art technology.

We provide:

  • Antennas
  • Satellite receivers and Demodulator systems
  • Meteorological satellite receiving stations
  • Copernicus Sentinel system
  • Satellite ground station Monitoring and Control Systems
  • Support and services

MEOS™ Polar Ground Station

A multi-mission, flexible and modular turnkey system for acquisition, archiving, processing, analysis and distribution of meteorological data.

The MEOS™ Polar Ground Station supports the following satellites: NOAA, TERRQA and AQUA, METOP, FY-3, S-NPP, NOAA20, METOP-SG, SARAL, OCEANSAT. MEOS™ Polar supports other missions upon request.

The MEOS™ Polar Ground Station can be delivered with support for any combination of these missions depending on the customer’s requirements.

The MEOS™ Polar support direct broadcast reception in L- and X-band.